Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We have a thief in the Family!

At least $15,000.00 has been taken from my mother's bank account over a 12 month period!  

When the thief was told of it he said, 'Mum and I have an agreement and she has been lending me money. I've kept a book with it all written down'.

My mother has DEMENTIA... How would she know what was going on?  She bloody well wouldn't....  

He took it usually from a Caltex petrol station ATM .  We  are not sure if he walked her there,  about 350 metres in the hot sun or if he went by himself.

We've looked at the video film of the time and nothing shows up. Even allowed a time difference with southern times.  

He is such a fucking loser that he doesn't own a vehicle.  He used to borrow my sister's motor bike but at last she has got the strength  to take back the keys.

The cash card is missing????      Over $200 was taken from her wallet on Saturday..   

He has always been the golden boy!!   I have 2 brothers and they have taken precedence over the daughters.   We have very little worth.  

I just can't bring myself to let them wallow in their own shit.  God knows. I owe them nothing and that includes my mother. 

So now.. her bank account is well sorted so that he can't get his fucking thieving hands on it.  He is not fully aware of that yet.

I think the ATM swallowed the card that he stole after I had reported it stolen.

I said,' You had better get a job and pay this all back". 
He said,' Who's going to look after Mum?'
I felt like that saying,' Well you sure the fuck aren't'.
I couldn't really because I live 45 ks away and do not spend a lot of time there.  But there I go again...always playing by the rules!!!!      When will I learn??

My sister knows that he is not.


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