Monday, February 15, 2010

I am getting strong!!!!

I am starting to assert myself a little more.    It feels great.  I'm not agressive,    just assertive. 

I've been thinking about my reasons for not being assertive for years and only came up with:  not wanting to sound shrewish or push my point.  

The fact that I live with a passive / aggressive guy has not helped me.   He doesn't give legitimacy  to my arguments/ concerns by not discussing them.    He says he doesn't like arguments... What a cop out???  He sure doesn't apologise.

AND my parents used to argue non stop in later life and my father was a wife basher.  My mother a nagger.  Great combination! 

As a result I hated any form of confrontation.  As kids we were not allowed to really explain ourselves. We were afraid of our parents,  big time.

I was still scared of my father when he died at 82!!!!   He only had to look at you with the "Look" and you back pedalled quick smart... 
Shit... where did all this come from???   I had no thoughts like this before starting to post.....  
What else is in the back of my mind????.

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Natalie said...

Good for you. My Hub is the same. Grrrrrrr! I am determined. :D