Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Missy A has settled in nicely..

Miss A is off to her 2nd day at the new Secondary School. 

She has met with  girls who have taken her under their wings by asking her to sit with them at lunches and generally show her the ropes.!!!

I am so optimistic for her.

There is a problem..........

She has already done the same work before at her old school last year.........

She may have to go up a notch.    

  Last thing we want is for her to be losing ground.         Miss A is a serious learner and does not want to dumb herself down.

She's a modern "Emo" but I say she's a "Scene"... Just a bit with the Goth look.

Of course...       We say she looks far prettier with her hair up in a pony tail instead of the sweeping across the brow look....  

Remember all our different fads and fashions?  So it's all human nature to follow fads.

She's far too mature for her years but is such fun and always has been.

Her Dad went back yesterday and is so very upset about her having to leave her own home.

At least she is safe and she's not a runaway!!!!!



Myst_72 said...

I'm glad she has made some friends already.
That's the most important bit about being the 'new' girl.


Natalie said...

Thankyou both for taking the time to care.
We have just returned from the GP, and we are going to try Melatonin to induce a regular sleep cycle. Nick sleeps two hours a day, and I know from experience (of a still sleepless baby) that it can send you off your rocker. I am hopeful that this will change his mood significantly, and Nick will become a little more stable.
Thanks again.xx♥

Natalie said...

Oh, soz! Glad you have settled in nicely, Missy A.xx♥

Natalie said...

Where did my comment go? I sent a little thankyou for your kindness. I hope you got it.x