Monday, April 5, 2010

Helpless babies and rain..

More rain today. 

More expected tomorrow.   The best indication of rain due is when the Mock Orange blooms.

There are black cockatoos flying hither and thither and ants coming in to the house.   These used to be the reliable signs but are not to be trusted any more... 

I had three lots of visitors today.  

The last was a grandmother and her 18 months old g/daughter.  So lovely to see them. I had never met the little one before.   The little one was belted as a 3 to 7 week old and had both  her femurs broken and ribs plus other injuries????
She shows no visible signs of this trauma.

The father was working long hours and trusted the mother???

Both parents are up on torture charges due to be heard on 20th May. 
The justice wheels turn slowly in QLD!!!! 

It makes me sick to my guts.... 

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Natalie said...

OMG. Oh. *tears*. Poor little bubba.