Thursday, April 1, 2010

I need a brain buddy or ideas buddy!!!

I would love to have a friend or friends that would give me some support or constructive criticism when I share ideas with them.  OR on rereading this....   for one to just bloody listen for a change.

  Instead of the,  "I've suddenly lost my hearing" or "  No, that won't work  blah blah blah!"   crap.

Never coming up with  logical advice.    OR... going into a spiel about their ideas.   It's the old  I, I, ME ME thingy and it's not me saying it.
No, I am not a "Waffler"  person.       In fact, I think in shorthand and tend to speak in shorthand.      Not a good thing really.  Too abrupt sometimes.    I dread the "Waffler" type personally.   Give me the Short Version every time, I say !

This is what my rant is about.

I want to run a stall at a few markets in the district to raise some extra funds for maybe a newish car,  a laptop and travel. 

  I have heaps of fabric,  6 sewing machines  (3 industrials) all the cottons, elastic  and the expertise to make summer garments and kiddies gear.  No extra outlay needed, just energy expended.  I have designed the clothes but do need to make the patterns yet.

I did try to get some feedback from a friend a couple of years ago.  

Wrong thing to do.....   I think I got maybe 2 sentences out and she was like a rabid dog,,,,    Her ideas for her stall came out thick and fast with mine never entering the picture again !!! 

I realised that I was fortunate in that ,  because she never learned of my "superior" stall ideas.     Hers were also in the clothing line.    

I persuaded another friend to share a stall with me. I was selling preserves, jams and mango chutney.        She had plants and lots of great herbs.  There is around 230 stalls at this market and yet we made money.   

I made 120 and she made 64 dollars . 10 for the stall...  

Now she complained that it was a waste of time and effort as she would have been better off at home slashing or whipper snipping!     I could not see her logic there..   She did not have to buy a thing.   She had it all on hand plus she only works 3 days a week and is forever crying poor?????    $64 for half a day's work is not bad.  Tax free too.

Now that the cooler weather is looming I am going to give it a go.  I'll have to buy coat hangers  and a marquee top or cover.  The rest I have.  The first market I've booked is on 18th April so wish me luck.

Another serious question is........ Why do I need all this approval?

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Natalie said...

Hmmm.......bit of a tricky one.
I say just do what excites you, even if it is alone. Soon enough, you will attract people who are similar to you, and are happy to pay 3 seconds attention to you. :)