Friday, August 12, 2011

 Today is seed planting time.       I'm using Eden Seeds that are non-hybrid BUT were a big failure last year.    It is too expensive to buy the punnets @ $2.99 each from the local supermarket.
If these don't germinate I will be bad mouthing Eden Seeds and complaining to them.
At $4.00 a packet, they aren't cheap when there are other outlets with  much cheaper seeds and probably better service too.  

Yesterday I bought $70 worth of fertilsers, lime and epsom salts at the local Rogers Rural, to get these little suckers growing.  Now that would buy a few organic veges!!!!

I am trying out the Mittleider Gardening Method.  [ Mitt lye der ]

We are using  existing garden beds to save work and will work out the lineal feet that is then used to calculate the amount of fertiliser needed.               1oz per lineal foot. 

I found the    site and was amazed at the results shown by the various You Tube videos. 
   So, I've  ordered the Weekly Feed product and what a lovely person  Jim Kennard seems.

Very helpful and not at all pushy.  It costs $45 dollars for postage but will fit  up to 11 pkts that has 2 pouches of 10ozs.  With the Aussie dollar being high it is a good time to buy OS.

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