Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pickled Onions and Chia Seeds.

A small post tonight due being slack and tired.    I made pickled onions today with half of my onion crop. Sounds good, doesn't it but the reality  is I ended up with two jars and one not even filled!

 They were easy to peel.  

 Don't they  look cute?

I had leftover beetroot  seasoned vinegar so I brought it to the boil and slowly added to the jar of uncooked onions.  I'll see how they taste in a few weeks.


I sent to    The Chia Company  Western Australia for 1 kg of organic Chia seed.
  Their product is not the cheapest but felt safer with Aussie germs.  It was a good choice.  Their seeds are so clean with no clouding of the water with foreign matter.  The seeds can be  added dry  to your  honey on toast,  on cereal or any meal.

I like them soaked in water till they get thick.   You have to give a good stir now and then to prevent clumping,  then adding cider vinegar and honey.   Yummy as a thick drink.

 I decided to grind them in the lovely little coffee grinder to get the most out of the seed and make the drink that way.     Still yummy.   You have to drink lots of water or you will end up constipated.
I think you could make an amazing smoothie with them too. I'm not going to do that. I'm trying to lose weight here!
I seem to have more energy,  not hungry and have lost 4 kgs in 2 weeks with out a lot of effort.  I am eating sensibly.  I've given up dairy, bread and cut back on the amount of sugar in my coffees.
  I am also having Norwegian organic Kelp.      I have it on my home made yoghurt and  have to eat it really fast before it swells and I can  smell that horrible fishy smell!   Not a lover of seafood.  

I feel my I'm doing the right thing for my body and will be adding healthier choices as we go along.

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