Friday, March 16, 2012

Feeling Like Something the Cat Dragged In.

I HATE being sick and now it seems I have caught the flu.    We had a visitor who had the flu and she came without tissues and was sneezing all over us.    Never even turned her head even though she did attempt to cover her mouth.   My man got sick first and now four days later.... me.    BUGGER !

My body and I have had a conversation and it is now well aware of my feelings on the matter.

Sewing Room 

My sewing rooms is full of junk, rubbish, hoardings,     
invaluable  sewing aids and fabric and the last few days have been busy with sorting and trying to unclutter.       I bought winter fleecy fabric not long ago to make clothes for the kids and trackies for my Mum. This is the first fabric I have bought in about 3 years and it takes up a lot of room.  
I would do before and after photos but I am too ashamed!   

I bought ring clip binders and plastic sleeves and into these I have put all my drafted patterns and some other commercial ones.   So much tidier and so easy to access.  I've labelled the spines of the folders for easy ID.   I used to sew dancing costumes for clients and have all those patterns.  They are too nice to discard and I can always use parts of them in 'normal' sewing.

Dresses for my mother.

I've sent away for my first Ottobre  pattern book on children's clothes.  I can't wait to browse through it.   For patterns that I will use often I trace on to the cheap vinyl from the $2 wharehouse and cut out.  I hang the large patterns on skirt hangers out of the way.   This works out cheaper than using  tracing paper or vylene. sp?    I also have an end roll of white newsprint paper that comes in handy for one offs.       

I'm hoping to sort out more today and cart the fabric I won't need in the next year to the attic,  out of the way.   I take things up there in small bags.  

It easy to bring what I want down from the attic.   I just throw it down the attic ladder.


Janet, said...

So sorry you got the flu. Hope you get better soon. Your sewing room is so neat compared to mine. I couldn't sew in mine now even if I wanted to. Love how you get things down from the attic. I've done that before too, easier than carrying it down.

Karen said...

Oh dear, some people have no manners or thought for anyone. Everyone I know who has a cold won't come to see me until it's fully gone, that's thoughtful. Hope you feel loads better soon, a little play in the craft room will help!!!! Karen x

Deb @ Bright and Precious said...

Eek! I hate mice more than anything! YOur picture made me shiver! - But I'm sorry that you are feeling sick. I hope you feel better soon. I'm impressed that you can sew! It's such a handy skill that I wish I'd been taught.

Mrs Savage said...

Sorry to hear you were sick, hope you're on the mend (get it? I made a sewing joke)