Monday, March 12, 2012

Give me a microphone And I'll give you an earfull....


Eden From the Magical land of Edenland has a weekly meme.  This week's meme is   ' if you are at a party and have the mic. in your hands,  what words would you take the opportunity to use  '.   

I am not a lover of public speaking but once I get past the squeaky, scared voice syndrome, I'm  OK.

 Just  forget any form of singing..... 

Oh,    I just remembered that there is a little children's song that I don't do a bad job with.    I used to sing it to the kids when they were little.   Boy,  did they go to sleep fast!

 I would probably  spriuk  a few of my favourite quotes.

1.       Some Zen philosophy...............      Food,    Shelter,   Warmth.    All else is Vanity.

2.      An admission of error is a sign of strength rather than a confession of weakness.

3.      It isn't the load that weighs us down --  it's the way we carry it.

4.     He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

5.     Visitors always give pleasure. If not in the coming, then in the going.

Of course not one of these quotes could ever apply to moi!


Karen said...

I love your quotes - specially the last one - it always makes me smile! Don't worry about your singing, we all have 'shower singing' in our hearts!!! Have fun!!

Domesblissity said...

Gidday Lydia. Thank you for your lovely comments all the time. The market I went to is held every Sunday at the Eagle Farm racecourse. They do cater for the trendy and elite of Ascot and Clayfield so the prices are a little high but they did have a good selection of fresh fruit and vegies. Some unusual and different food choices too. Lebanese breads, Greek, thai, a yoghurt stand, a gelato stand, a dukkah stand, lots of olives and spices. Just things a little different to the norm. A few arty pieces and fashions but not really my style. All in all, I think I'd prefer my local fresh produce and junk market held at the Mt Gravatt show grounds every Sunday. These Eagle Farm markets were okay but very pricey.

Anne @ Domesblissity xx

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Thanks for stopping by the tile labels post...hope the project will work for you. I also wanted to let you know your blog comments are set to "no reply" (no email address). I have a tutorial on the right side of my blog if you ever want to change that.
Take care,

Deb @ Bright and Precious said...

Fabulous quotes Lydia! (I must have missed your link up last week?!). I particularly love number 4 - I'm a big believer in NOT sitting on the fence (and written about it a few times). I also love number 5 - it made me smile. :)