Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Move along folks... Nothing to see here!

Just a blah kind of a day for me.  I think the heat and humidity sucks out my energy and leaves me uninspired and uninspiring.     I am really hanging out for the cooler weather.  

I have  a big decision to make. soon..     Don't laugh!

Will I plant seeds and have a vegetable garden this year or will we go on a long holiday.    To have a garden on the go would  be too much to ask a friend to look after while I'm flaunting myself at all the tourist spots.   

Time is running out for the holiday because of the carbon tax effect on fuel and every effing thing else price wise.
We have to be gone and home before July 1.
Another thing:   do I really want to go with my partner?????

He does not like stopping at  very many places on a whim.   He uses the excuse that some one is tailgating him and he can't turn off the road  ony he doesn't use nice words like that!    when I look in the rear vision mirror the freaking vehicle is a kilometre   behind....
   Stories about that problem would be fodder for some good blog posts.   He also gets  pot hole blindness.     I kind of like to look after my tyres and suspension.
He reckons he does but we know that's bullshit.   The tyres aren't cheap for an ordinary 6 cylinder sedan.

Then another thing is;    I like music but he doesn't like my music or realy much music at all.   Slim Dusty is totally banned by me.     For non Australians....  Slim Dusty is a deceased country music singer,   very popular with men.   You know, truckie songs, blue heeler dogs, mates etc.

We'll see what eventuates.


Nina said...

Do you really need to go with your partner? Maybe it's time for you to go out and have time for yourself, do the things you want to do, visit the places you want to see? I did it once, took my arse all the way to Italy to celebrate an aunt that turned 100 despite my then husband's orders to stay home...very liberating my friend!

Eccentricess said...

Hmmmm, that sounds challenging.
I can relate to the "not wanting to stop" sort of drive issue. I eventually put my foot down and refused to go with him for about three years unless he would stop whenever our daughter turned green and nauseous. After that, he learnt to add an extra four hours to a trip, so we could enjoy the stops instead. Much more fun.

As for the music... iPod it! Or make cd''s where the songs alternate between your preferences.

The garden is sounding good...LOL

Karen said...

I'd go it alone and enjoy it! What a road trip!!! Music is always a divider of opinions, make a tracklist on the ipod and alternate if you have too. Whatever you decide, have fun!

Lydia La La said...

Than you for the advice, girls. I love the ideas of go it alone, the ipod and putting my foot down. I did that once going to Cooktown Nth Qld. I yelled that this trip was for both of us and I was paying for half of it, I bloody wanted to stop where ever I wanted to stop. AND we did.. I'm too freaking nice usually.