Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Friday 13th......

Friday 13th is a day for boom sales in lotteries and for poker machine to be well occupied.  I don't believe in the Friday 13th tales,  thank Hera, crossing fingers.   I would buy a lottery ticket if I remembered  when in the vicinity of a newsagent and that's only because I very seldom indulge.
I do feel that I will win a huge amount one day.  I had better speed up the rate of  ticket purchases if I'm ever going to achieve it.

It's a windy, cool, cloudy, sunny day here and such a delight not to be sweating at the least provocation.  No humidity!
Just for fun..

I visited my doctor 2 days ago to renew the blood pressure script.   She was horrified when she read the results..  195/121    I must admit I was a little taken aback myself.    I told her that I had been without medication for maybe 3 weeks.  A nice mini lecture followed  with her telling me she is available on the phone if I don't want to come in.     Also,  to rest up as it will take around a month for it to come back to normal.     Hell.... I had no problem with that advice!

We drive the 35 ks to visit my mother and give her some of the clothes I made, have a chat and keep a beady eye on the staff etc as I do.    Even though it breaks my heart to have her in an aged care facility,  it is the only place for her and it has taken me over a year to come to terms with it all.   ALL the staff have been so kind and helpful and I don't think it is  just put on for visiting family.  

We then return to buy food and some reasonably priced winter pyjamas for Mum.   From then on all I seemed to do was extra tasks!     Hard physical work!     I think it is because of the cooler days. 

 Not today...  Only picked lots of avocados after I had asked for the tree to be cut off a little way up the trunk.  I figure it's no use having fruit that we can never reach and these trees will reshoot in no time and be accessable next year.

I've had a lovely day  on and off the internet.  Bliss.    Time for more coffee from my own coffee trees and more reading of blogs.    xo


Eccentricess said...

That is indeed an impressive blood pressure.

I don't know if stress is one of your key triggers, but I do know I finally learnt to let go of anxiety by learning not to worry about things I can't change. I used to worry about everyone I knew, about world poverty, many, many other things. Now I have chosen to simply try and help in one aspect, that is managable for me, and let all the other worries go, cos I can't fix it all.

Love the black cats picture. Our black cat has had plenty of cuddles today. :-)

Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

I hope your blood pressure improves, and soon! Also, how on earth did you manage to grow avocadoes?? I'm so jealous, as I've heard they're notoriously difficult. I managed to screw up even growing tomatoes this year!

Also, Friday the 13th terrifies me.

Lydia La La said...

The avocadoes grew from seeds I'd started and are about 6 years old now. They thrive but some insects have marked a lot of the fruit on one tree. a different type than the one pictured. Tomatoes??? another story. Hope your insurance claims are progressing and more wool will be purchased. What kind of shop did you have? xo

Deb @ Bright and Precious said...

Good luck with your blood pressure. I wish we could grow avocados here. I think where you are you can grow some fantastic plants. I'm a little envious. I can imagine having your mum in a home must be heartbreaking. I dread having to make that decision one day. x