Friday, September 28, 2012

Another beautiful day in Paradise.

It IS a beautiful day but I am so sad.   Saddened by the heartless, meaningless murder of the beautiful Irish woman in Melbourne.

 Gillian Maegher was walking home alone around 1.43am when she was seen being spoken to by a man in a light blue hoodie.      Thank you to the employee of a bridal boutique who went into the shop on Sunday to check their CCTV in case there was any vision that may help.

It did.    Nearly the whole confrontation was on it.    Maybe I am just feeling down but I get teary every time I think of her.   

Other than that.....all is well.    My table cloth of hand painted tropical fish is nearly completed.
 Only have one eye  to do!    Then to hem it and press it.  It is so nice that I will be doing another.    Maybe even branch out into faeries and butterflies!    Lots of love to you and keep your children and your self safe.  XO


Faux Fuchsia said...

I feel sick about it too. What a senseless waste of a life.

judes07 said...

I'm with both of you girls, what a terrible tragedy, feel so sorry for her family. Good job by the police. Judy x

Lydia La La said...

What really hurts is that how quickly it happened.

Lydia La La said...

The poor husband who has to handle the media too. The Melbourne Police took their time and got it right. Now, let's hope there is no legal loophole to allow him to go free or a lesser sentence.