Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Drama of the Rogue Brahman Bull.

Bastard Bull. 

It's a mongrel bred Brahman that has 23 girls of his own to look after without getting under fences to have his way with others of a much higher social staus!
This bull lives on adjoining property and it is now the third time it has got in and serviced  registered,  STUD Droughmaster girls.
 It's a fucking fence crawler.

Lifted a gate off it's hinges and under he went.  So now there will be months lost of the breeding programme, pregnancy testing, vet induced terminations etc etc..   When it happened before the girls were let go through their pregnancies to give birth to offspring that will go to the abbatoirs.

What a fuck up.

  All because the owner doesn't keep the bull one paddock away from the girls.
He also lives three hours away and comes in on his days off.
I can tell you after a phone call... he is in here now facing the firing to speak..

It is hot and humid here. Tempers fray easily.


Nice dinner at the local and only surviving RSL club in Sarina.

Was lucky enough to catch an art group night with lots of bright paintings around the wall.  
My aquaintance,  Sylvia Greenwood a talented photographer was there with her work on display.  Nice to see her again and she looked so damn glamorous.  Caught up with other friends,  Robin Cathcart a very good lawyer and the local LJ Hooker franchisees, Paul and Faye Wright.

Plus.. Bosha.  An old mate from way back.

Today I have mango chutney cooking and it smells devine.  The mother of all batches so that I shouldn't have to make any more till next season.
Time for coffee...

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