Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Bull!!!

The saga continues...

The Brahman bull is in the cattle  yards ready to be transported  home in the back of a cattle truck to have his scrotum put in a castrating band!!  OUCH!!!   
The gadget to do the job  costs over $au700.  
Over priced to buggery as they say...

He will then be  turned into steak and mince at the earliest opportunity.

What makes me  cranky is that the owner is not doing any of the loading, unloading, castrating,  loading and then the last unload.    
The guys can get injured during this fiasco.  He's not going to be one happy camper of a bull.   
You guys can feel your scrotes tightening up in sympathy.....

Must give the Mango Chutney Recipe that I've made.   It is yummy.

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