Saturday, December 19, 2009

More bull....

What a cheapskate!!!!  

The owner of the straggly Brahman bull went into Mackay yesterday specifically to buy beer to give to the owner of the Droughtmaster girls who may be pregnant to this bastard..  

I suggested buying some scotch also for the wife as she does all the office management work.    Suggested a good few cartons of grog to cover the expense and the great inconvenience of it all.

HUH!!!!!     He came back with 3 cartons of beer and a litre bottle of Johhny Walker!                          THEN.....  he's too gutless to drive over to give it to them. He leaves it here for us to do that.

Sooooo....  if he EVER expects anything from me, he is up shit creek without a paddle... big time. 

   My partner is too gutless to give him a mouthful.  He will come to visit and EXPECT coffee.  Fat chance from me, I can tell you.

Still to come is the preg. testing and the giving of the injections to the positive testing cows to abort the foetuses.

All worth a bloody lot more than 3 cartons of grog and a litre of grog!!!!.

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