Monday, December 21, 2009

And the beat goes on.... La Di Da De Dah !

Wow..  I just love each new day. 

There are new happenings to test me,  old happy times to remember and a great future to plan and dream about.

More on the drama of the Family Thief.

The missing bank card was found!!! 

By whom?...... do you ask?

Well.....  only by the accused.

Where? ....... do you ask?

On my mother's dressing table!!!

I had searched this area earlier,  no card. What.... did the bank card fairy return it?   How kind of her.

He thinks my mother may have cancelled it!!
Sure did!

The Meals on Wheels are working wonderfully for her.  

Lovely, well cooked, nuitritionally [sp.] perfect..     I used to be a volunteer cook when I lived in Noosa and loved the whole concept of helping to feed the aged for a reasonable price.

She's a feisty, arrogant, egotistical old woman.   Always has been.  So to get her to accept the idea of Meals on Wheels took a long time until in the end,  my sister just organised them and told her    IT IS DONE! 

By the way.....  the Brahman bull is mending.  I think his scrotum has  fallen off
from the  successful banding.   

When we talk about this I can see the men shrinking up their own nut cases!!! 

There are a lot of men that need to be dragged down by the scruff of their necks and a bloody castrating band put on them! 


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