Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas....

Christmas  in the Tropics.
Clouds are building up for maybe an afternoon rain. 
We are treating today as any other day which is my fault.   I am not a fan of the festive shit....   It's so different when there are little children to prepare for. Good fun for all then.


So...      this morning we have prepared bananas and mangoes for drying on the  old window flyscreens that serve as racks.  This is all to do with my survival plans.
  Dry everything suitable that I can lay my hands on and put into airtight containers for storage.  Makes for great snack food if you are working away from the house or even driving somewhere.


We have to beat the fruit bats to the fruit. We call them flying foxes.  The dickheads that be have made them a protected species.  

There are millions of them!!!!!   Both dickheads and flying foxes!!!!!    The Australian Government and its Public Service is riddled with dickheads.   That's another story of many pages...  Best leave it for another time.

I'm tired, sore and headachy today.  Yesterday was a full on coughing day.  That settled when I went to bed and not at all worrying through the night.

Still sorting out the thieving brother and mother's business.  

When confronted with police action if he doesn't get a job and start paying back the $au17000 that he's stolen he said, " Well,  to stop the rot,  I'll just buy the house!."

"How are YOU going to buy the house?" says I.

Blah blah blah... got good credit,  get high paying job,  then I'll pay the rates, power etc. blah fucking blah!
I had to laugh at the 'Stop the rot".   He is the ROT....

So Merry Christmas and gear up for partying the New Year in...

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