Sunday, December 27, 2009

Unmannered Visitors! and a lovely lunch.

I tend to live in my head.  
  I begin with great intentions and these are so easily achievable when you are in bed trying to get to sleep but your mind is racing with great ideas! 
When the time comes to implement the ideas,  it's all too hard so I leave it in preference for an easier task.   
WELL..... not for 2010.   I am not going to be foolishly ambitious and all will be achievable! 

My list...... so far.
  • buy new clothing patterns.
  • sew every day for a set time.
  • get back into fine art. [paint]
The rest is same ole, same ole..... lose weight,  more consistent grooming.
Wish me lots of luck.


A friend and neighbour invited us over for a BBQ lunch.  It was a hot day but we all enjoyed ourselves and there was non-stop conversation. Lots of laughs and great food.   Should do this more often.  Another New Year's resolution there..I think.


I really don't like most people turning up unexpectedly!      I usually don't wear a bra around the house AND gravity has got me!!      I am  very unsociable on hot sweaty, humid days. 

Also... our house is a tiny, high set  pioneer cottage with a front veranda and a back deck and that's where we sit according to the position of the sun etc.  The lounge inside is too kinda formal for guys with work boots on.   [with the odd touch of cattle poo adhered] 

Plus we have lovely old pine polished floors that mark easily so shoes are barred unless soft soled and clean.       I was given a lovely sticker from Denmark with a red circle over dirty old work boots and high heels.       I put this on the glass  back door. 

   A few don't like being asked very nicely and gently if they would mind terribly if they could remove their shoes,  please,    please,     grovel grovel....      One being my partner's 46 yr old daughter!!!   The marks left are a  testament to her attitude.

  How thick or dumb are these people that do not get it?   I keep asking for a quick phone call first.  How hard is that?  Don't they get it.

Then sometimes to add insult to injury, they bring a friend!!!   Jesus H. Christ!!    I  think I should just not come out, even though doors and windows will be open. 
Will they get the message???  

Another reason is that we live in seclusion by choice.  We do not want strangers poking around. We do not want to lock the shed before we go out.

A  little fucking respect is all I ask!


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Anonymous said...

Oh yep I SO hate 'drop in's' - especially rude ones!!!

And some 'people' that are expected on the 6th Jan.....even though they've booked in advance! Don't want to spend my whole holidays cleaning the house with a toothbrush!!