Monday, December 28, 2009

Just Roses !!!!

I love roses...

I have 14 rose bushes.       3 given to me.     Mr Lincholn,  a sturdy red rose with fragrance.  
Then the most magic,  light rust,cream, got no idea what colour given to me by my sister-in-law.    Also a white Iceberg climber.

I grew another Mr Lincholn from a cutting of an old pioneer's  rose bush on a property near us.                 The rest are from the supermarket and none over $a7.00!     2 Yellows, a Black Beauty, 2x Pink and 1 that was bought as a lilac moon or something but turned out to be a Peace.

We pruned them in July so most of the flowers were smaller and all came on at once.  I had a lovely pink rose bush with at least 42 blooms on it at.    Won't be doing that again.  I usually trim as I pick the blooms. 

The deepest, crispest red rose I have is called Black Beauty.  It bears over about 9mths of the year but with only 1 or 2 blooms each time.

The 2 climbers. White Iceberg and  Peace   my twat of a partner planted them   as though they are bushes!  .. in an ordinary garden...     I keep them well trimmed.  The trunk of the climber Peace is like a little tree!

I only put Rose fertilizer on them about 2/3 times a year.
The ones that flower the most are planted in nearly pure clay.  
They love it.
I was overseas this year when the roses were in the supermarkets so missed out on getting new ones.

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Myst_72 said...

Me too!!! Yours look beautiful!
I even pulled one up from our old garden and bought it with me when we moved here....!