Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The rain has arrived.

I love the rain. It's a release of tensions and it also saves all the garden watering!!
Now.. the mud is a different story!

Sometimes we get flooded in for 3 or 4 days.  It's no problem. We  usually have extra food on hand just in case.   It's ironic that I live in nearly the same type of geographical layout as I did as a kid.   Hills at the back, seasonal creek at the front.  About the same distance to the local school. 
The difference is that this valley is narrower and the house here is older .  
Built in either 1907 or 1915.
Not sure on that one.

When the rain set in as  kids on the sugarcane farm it was holiday time.  We played Monopoly,  Chess, cards and other board games. I am certain that this made us all whizzes with maths.  I think I'm the only non-competitive one in the family. There was 4 of us then.

We had an AGA slow combustion stove that was fueled on coke. A form of processed coal.     Mum had cakes cooking, scones, casseroles, stews even though it was hot and humid.  It was all about laughing and eating and family times. 

I didn't appreciate it all so much then as I do now.   

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