Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We lurve knives!

A great day... 
Still into the mango processing.  I'm working on  a year's supply of products!!!!
AND... there is still heaps on the trees but I think I'll pull up before the crop will!

I dry the flesh.  Put it in ziplock bags in the freezer.   I  lightly microwave mango flesh  with sugar and spices to put in ziplock bags in the freezer and now I'm trying to make some jam.   I'm using the basic formula of fruit, lemon juice cooked then add the sugar and cook untill you like the look of it.

While I was working away cutting the sides off the mangoes it got me thinking about our knives.

We LURVE knives!!!!

When we met we both had our own collection of "favourite" knives  AND mine were as sharp as his!    That was a bit of a blow to his alpha male pride. Plus the fact that I could and did sharpen them myself. 

I have to concede that he had the better name brands. I had 'ordinary' ones that have stood the test of time.   We have our favourites.  I like a big wide bladed knife for most work BUT there is a  cute little skinny, flexible bladed knife I rather fancy too.

When I was the Catering Manager {cook} of the biggest hotel in Mackay at the time my knives were considered to be the sharpest by the reps. out of the kitchens they frequented.       I can tell you... I was damn proud  and stood tall.

I've was given a Danish knife used for Smorgesborg.  I got held up at gunpoint by police at West Timor airport near Kupang because I had forgotten to take the 2 scrappy knives I had  bought  off a young man at the markets in Kupang,  out of my hand luggage. 
That's another story! I'll also give you my knife sharpening secrets.

Some happily co-habitate in our kitchen on their magnetic strip looking out onto the green, green hills of home..  while the rest are in a drawer!

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