Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clone Teenage girls...

I just so love the look of the  cloned girls of today...

..   Dyed black hair,  hairband,  lovely make-up.  same style of clothes.  Low, tight tops and short tight shorts. If the top's not low enough, tug it down...   Oh how I would kill to have their self esteem and confidence...   Way to go girls!!! 

Do not  back down...ever!

It's all happening here.

The Dozer

The little Caterpillar dozer has decided to leak oil... costly at the best of times.  So now it has the fuel pump off  again... to get a good look at the seal where it's leaking.  It was just put back on the other day after a fuel leak. It's freaking heavy and hard to manoeurve.   I think the radiator has to come off too. That means guards get unscrewed and lifted off.  They are heavy. Some times it pays to be a woman...You get out of so much.

 The House Water Pump

The house water pump decided it needs a new bladder. It was starting up every 15 seconds instead of running  much longer each time the taps were turned on.
Overkill [my bloke] bought a new complete bladder and tank today because the other is probably rusted and caused the air leak.

It will get put on tomorrow.

My Car

My car decided to stop dead coming out of the creek on our way to a party.  No reasons.. 

I drive on the wrong side of the road as I come off the stupidly designed, curved concrete crossing with the huge drop on one side to avoid a large rock that juts up. Then I swing back over to the correct side.
Where did it die?   
Yep.. you got it. ..  wrong side of road.
Who comes along??  Both of my neighbours!!!
The only other people that live on this side of the creek.  What are the odds of that happening?

Overkill [my bloke] kindly walked back up the hill to the shed to get the Toyota to tow the Magna out of the way.  That went without incident.

Overkill    thought maybe it was   the timing gear or computer chip. 
I agreed. 

  My 2nd son is here holidaying so he gets on the phone, rings his mechanic mate and  VIOLA!       it's  the fuel pump.  

I don't know what he did but it's like a new one now. 
I am so grateful to him. 
It had been parked up in the shed for a couple of weeks while we decided what to do.  I've been driving the Toyota Landcruiser.  This has gears,   the aircon needs gas,  it's filthy as a mad women's brothel after a weekend rush  and reeks of dust and diesel.  I'm dressed in city clothes trying to act with a little aplomb here!!

My Mother's House Insurance

 My sister phoned me about 4pm on Friday to inform me that Mum's ins was due on Sunday and it was expensive. 

  Fucking great!!! I live in the bush...she lives with my's late Friday...   DUH !!!!
 Anyway.. to cut a long, long story short... I got it sorted and saved her $600 by changing from Aust Pensioners Ins  to Suncorp.   They were so helpful...

Better go read my mail etc...


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