Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cranky and sore....

I am tired and sore..  
Did a huge day in Mackay seeing lawyers and the owner of the medical centre that employs the doctor that neglected my mother to the point where she would have been 3 days away from a coma if my sister hadn't got her in to see another doctor instead of her usuual.   Long story..... for tomorrow!   Sorry..

I came home early to be in time when the guy arrived to buy my Nara food dehydrator.
He said he finishes work at 3pm... It's now 5.40pm and he hasn't arrived...  Does the fucker think I have nothing better to do but interrupt  my plans to suit him??

It was 33 degrees and hot and sunny. I'm sunburnt and cranky.  I don't do sunburn well.  Gives me headaches. 

Till tomorrow....


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