Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lots to be grateful for.....

This is in the creek bed. It is blue metal rock solidified in granite. there are several runs of it.  How did that happen???

Sooooo     thankful for a visit from my 6yr old grandson who lives in northern Brisbane.  An old soul. 

   He and his Dad left this morning to travel by road back to Brisbane. The Dad has bottled water, bikkies, chips and other goodies to keep him happy.  He's a kid that will take an interest in the outside world and not have to have his head stuck in a bloody game all the time!!
About a 11 hour drive.  A long, boring trip.   I've done it too many times myself.   So..... now the house is quiet. 

Got in a little cleaning this morning.  It is damn humid and yukky so I feel like a martyr here.        Did the fridge and wiped the doors on a few cupboards.  Hell, I don't want to get too carried away.    We sometimes get mildew growing on surfaces that have dust or dirt on them in the wet season.  It's best to keep 'em clean beforehand!        Yeah... and I'm the perfect housewife!!!!.  

More cattle drama today....  

Following on from the Brahman bull getting to the girls...

13 of them had to be taken to a sturdier cattle crush so that a vet can preg test them.  This will not come without great expense as he had to travel from Mackay. 45 ks away. 

The local vet is useless with cattle. And other things.

   The rain last night made the area too slippery for the truck to get traction so the dozer was taken down to pull it along out of the goo.  2 trips with the truck for this.  
This means that the road and ground is now churned up by the dozer tracks.  Not good in the wet.  Then .... if they are pregnant,  they will have to be injected to cause terminations.  Then trucked back here.

I don't like the word abortion.   I am not against abortions at all as long as they are done before 12 weeks or less if possible and counseling offered.  [in my humble opinion]
Time for coffee. Talking of coffee. One of my 4 trees have died and it was the biggest, greenest one?  It is a hard slog doing coffee bean processing and reallly not worth the hassle.  I may not replace it. 
Have to think about that one..

. .

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