Sunday, January 3, 2010

How I sharpen knives. and Reading Matters

How I sharpen knives....


Sharpening stone.  fine
Sharpening steel.
Dishwashing  detergent. 

Drop some detergent onto stone and move the knife around in circles lightly up and down the blade on the stone. Turn over and do other side.   Test for sharpness.     Then hone it lightly on the steel.   If you aren't familiar with how to use a steel,  ask someone.   

The knife is drawn down the steel form the base to the tip.  Repeat this then the same for the other side.  I am not heavy handed but  a reasonable pressure is needed.     Hope this helps.   The old timers used to spit on the stone and most still do.  I really, really hate people spitting and I sure wasn't going to so thought that detergent would be great.       AND it was..  

Remember... you have more chance of cutting yourself on a blunt knife than you will on a sharp one...unless you take risks!

A wonderful, fabulous book shop that was an old 2 story house just filled to the brim with books at Snettisham, Norfolk UK


I love reading. I was not allowed to read as a kid  because you were considered lazy if you did and got into trouble. I used to hide under this low mandarin tree and get a bit of reading in.  I'd ignore it when my name was called and then pretend i was away and couldn't hear her.

Having kids was a by-product of the marriage and if she could get work out of us  little buggers, my mother did.       Dad was not like that.    He was a free spirit and a great innovator/inventor.

One of my chores was to clean the floors and polish them. It was lino so it had to be waxed with the lovely Johnsons Floor Wax.  I can still remember the lovely smell it had.
Soooo... I figured out how to get some reading in while getting the job done!

I tied cloths to my bare feet and danced around with a book in my hands, reading.   I was told it was the "height of laziness".  

Hey.... I thought it was damn clever!  I still do...

My choice of reading matter is eclectic with maybe the exclusion of romances.

I was quite ill once and a friend dropped in some books.  I so thank her for that because she started me on the road to devouring the crime/forensic/murder genre of literature.  

Thank you so much,   Debbie!


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