Saturday, January 2, 2010

30 Million dollars.... does it have my name on it????

The pea and ham soup was delicious   BUT    I woke up this morning  with a headache and have not been able to get rid of it!  Caused by the saltiness.    Panamax every 4 hours,  a  sweet hot cup of herbal teas and a sleep but it's still here.   

Drove the 15ks into the local town to buy our Lotto chances.  I have absolutely every lucky number I can think of and then some..    Also a quickpick for the hell of it.   You never know a lot of winners are from quickpicks.   I wish us all good luck. 

I had great intentions of completing some sewing today.  The headache put a stop to that idea.  Tomorrow will have to do.  I want to make lots of cute dresses and tops for a 1 year old.  I have heaps of fabric 'cause that's my addiction. 

Truthfully,    I haven't bought any for over a year.  Not even when I  was in Europe.

  I 'm always hindered by luggage allowances and this is because I travel in winter.  More clothes have to be packed than for a summer trip.  I'd die if I went in summer. Hate the heat.   A huge PLUS  is that you see much more because there are no leaves to hinder the view.  

This time I did a few trips with Ryanair that limit your hand luggage to 10ks all up!!!  It is so much cheaper to fly with them so a little lack of weight allowed is OK..   It didn't work out all that cheap after being hit 20 Euros for excess luggage by Hitler's daughter at Baden Baden, Germany and then same day... two lots of 20 Euros for more excess luggage and a lost boarding pass at Stansted London..   Fuckers... 

That's a long story of how I couldn't find my boarding passes for another time...


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