Friday, January 1, 2010

Pea Soup and the Farm Animals...

 It was a beautiful soup... 
Pea and ham made from scratch with added onion, garlic, carrot, herbs, spices and anything else on hand.  It tasted scrumptious..
I turned it off, wiped the stove and went to read one of my books from my Chrissy pressies.   
  I kept smelling the soup but ignored it.  I knew I'd turned the stove OFF!!! Decided to have a look after a longish phone call and sure enough..... not burned but stuck to the bottom of the pan...   I must have bumped the switch when I wiped the stove top.  

Hey.. it still tastes numero uno!!

More rain today and the wallabies seem to want to come closer in to the house. There is a whole tribe of them now. Usually there would be a bout 5 or 6 but you can double that now, both front and back areas.
I like them but the my main man doesn't 'cause they pull the grass out by the roots and leave little  bare patches. .   Not that he would even contemplate getting someone in to cull them.
  He is such a softie really!    He  has gone soft on the possums too and even feeds the little mummy one!!! She either has a baby on her back or one in the pouch. Poor little bugger... she never gets a break...

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