Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a Respite from the rain

The rain has moved on for a little while. A beautiful breeze is here to dry out the waterlogged land. 
Must check the weather site in case the beautiful breeze turns out to be a cylcone!!!

The chainsaw is working, trees are being trimmed, dead citrus cut down!  

The debris will very nicely fill my new no dig garden. I am excited about making more of them and really getting into the Organic growing concept.   I know a few prolific gardeners and will be calling on them lots for their advice.  I'm more of an ideas person so that when it comes to the hard yards. I get a little bit over it all!!!!.  
Specially when it's hot.

I have all the non-hybrid seeds from Eden Seeds that I went crazy buying last year.  
A lot did not germinate so if it happens again this year I will be complaining.  They are not cheap at $4.00 a packet.   Not good enough.

I'm back into the sewing today after I do all these freaking phone calls I have to get through. Mostly for my mother's business.   

Time for a mug of my  home grown and processed coffee!

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