Sunday, January 24, 2010

No TV reception.....

A cyclone is hovering off the north Queensland coast and the spinoff for us is  RAIN!!    A little gusty wind too.    I'm tracking it on the Internet 'cause we do no get TV reception where we live.   

WHAT????   I hear you say.  NO TV????    

I love the freedom that not having it  gives.   A  huge plus is  the  ignorance this allows us. 

No  TV news = less stress. 

I am emotional at the best of times.  I do not need to see the vivid pictures.

I eventually got in and did some sewing....... 

Nothing spectacular.  Just some finishing off of some garments that have been around a while.  Altering some clothes for Mother too.  

Tomorrow..... I'll go to serious sewing..... 


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