Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sewing and Waterways...

A cooler, cloudy day.   Great!!!!  


The creek is getting silted up and there are dead trees washed down from the floods in there also.    It needs a working bee to try to get it back to pretty!      Somehow, the dam upstream has been polluted with this horrible grass.   It is prolific, has deep roots and grows in and out of water.  It is choking the waterways.

My second eldest son and his daughter return home today after a few days here.  Supposed to be a bit of a break for him but has been full on work at a neighbours. [paid]   

I'm a little over self obsessed teenage girls...  They're every where!

I gotta get into that sewing room and bloody SEW.....   No more pondering on what to sew.  
Just do it...  

The hard part is deciding what to sew with what piece of fabric.     I have freakin' sewing machines coming out of my ears.  All that is needed to sew up a storm.    
I seem to feel that I have to do everything else first so that I don't get the guilts for sewing!!!
  Told you I was weird.  I have done masses of kids sewing for charity out of fabric a friend gave me.  Still want to do heaps more and use up the rest of it. I think there was 5 large stripey bags full....  Now, that's daunting.


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