Wednesday, February 10, 2010


At least they listen to me!!!!
   I just lurve shopping on the internet.
My latest is  a comb binder and it does 4 hole punching too!!!  This is the thing that puts that spiraly thingy on calendars and recipe books.

I'm planning on using it to make my savings booklet look pretty damn spivvy.   I'll be experimenting with layouts to make it a book that you will use daily.     One you can prop open to read the recipes.       Mainly cleaning product recipes that are environmentally safe and CHEAP....

I have a fair amount of work  yet to complete it.  Then I'll hock it off at the markets and over ebay.   I won't make a fortune but I want to get the message of saving out there.  Times are tough for lots of people.  

  OK .. the majority are well off .    Specially in our area with all the coal mines in the hinterland and the biggest coal loading facility in the world about 45 ks from me.
It will also have every natural cancer treatment I know of in it.  The area is riddled with the fucker.  It may be from the coal dust.

Even though the coal is kept damp at the terminals, Hay Pt and Dalrymple Bay  it still blows off the huge, long train loads as it comes from the  mines west of us.
It's called progress!!!

I got soaked the afternoon while I was over checking my friends bantam chooks. Lots of lovely rain here. They were all fine. A little damp maybe. 

Overkill had to start up the battery charger to top up the solar power storage batteries so  while waiting for that we crossed the road to visit with our neighbours and got caught up with  their news and had a lovely coffee.  The elderly Mum lives with her son, her carer who doesn't care and her daughter who does.   Pioneers of this area. 
Miss A is having trouble with her mother about the move here.  It is all Miss A and her father's fault.  The mother is a screamer and a swearer and is never to blame for anything.  I know this from past experiences.  I am wondering if it may be all about the money????  I never thought that that was more important than your child's safety and happiness.  The mother won't get rid of the 2 other people living there to make Miss A feel safer or worthy.
Miss A talked of suicide but admits she couldn't do it!!!!.     If they talk about it ,  it is to be taken notice of in a big way...   She is a  bubbly optimistic girl so therefore it IS  very  important to listen to her. 
If they only listened she would be happy to live there....


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