Sunday, February 7, 2010

A "normal" day....

Loch Lomond  May 2009

WOW !!!!   A normal day!

OK.. it was hot and humid but nothing untoward happened...

So Nice...
Everything is going smoothly for Miss A to arrive here around the 22nd of this month. She's an 'in your face' kid so we'll talk about 'time out' and such subjects.
Had I mentioned she's 14.  She has spent time here during   most school holidays so it's not as though she is going into a strange situation...  Plus her home is  only about 200 ks north for a visit.
Thanks for your thoughts, G & N !!

A lovely friend came over yesterday. 

We usually meet up each week end at her place or mine.   Jen. is a human dynamo.   I get tired just listening to what she has done on her 100 acre block.

She wants to be self sufficient and to leave very light footprints on the world.  She's into permaculture,  revegitation etc etc.  She plants trees all the time..

She is a herb expert too and grows heaps.   Grows lots of   different varieties of bamboo.   This she chops and treats   for trellises and stakes.  It is hot scratchy work. Also she does her own bamboo shoots.   I did some once and they were so crunchy and nice.  BUT  labour intensive.   We cut them and then I came home and did processed them from woe to go.   I think that they should have been a lot younger shoots. A bit tough to work on.

Anyway......  She gave me a packet of yummy expresso coffee beans..  I ground some up in my little electric grinder/pesto maker and brewed a most devine brew..  
The smell was exquisite.. 
I think the smell is 80% the joy of coffee.
The local shops do not sell 'fair trade' coffee beans so when I run out of my own home grown I pay dearly for beans grown around here.  I do drink instant  too.... 

She's off to Bundaberg for her elderly Aunt's funeral so I'll be checking on her family of Bantam hens.  All have names and there are new fluffy chicks. 

I'll be chilling out,   reading a book and  keeping an eye on them for about 2 hours every day until  it's bedtime for them.


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Natalie said...

All will be well. :)

I have relos in Bundaberg, that I haven't seen for 35 years. :(