Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm really NOT a whinger ....

I'm really NOT a whinger...    truly...  Really truly..... cross my heart,    swear to die!!!

When chatting  to  friends  I really try hard not to start  whining about the crap that keeps happening with my family.   
New Doctor..
The change to another Doctor for my mother went very well after an initial 30 minute wait.  He was efficient. Lovely, young married with a littlie.  His wife is also a Dr. 

Mother's  heart rate was 140 bpm.  She was rested so that wasn't a contributing factor.   So into hospital she went to get it sorted.  That was about 1pm.  It had been 150 bpm once at the previous Dr.     No real concern there!!!!

Mother's such a bloody princess!!!  
  AND a talker.     Never ever let there be silence!!!  
Fill it with idle chatter, anything....   just  fill the void..      She has always been like that.  She is the epitome of the saying "talk under water". 

My sister picked her up around 8.30pm with new medications.

Soooo... now we have to take her back to the old Dr to get her dementia medication script that she should have been   taking years ago..  unless the new Dr has been in touch with the  specialist who prescribed them and can transfer it all over.

Another problem was to finish sorting the house insurance.... 
 The insurance was a disaster but too long to go into..

 Then change the phone back to Telstra.    
My brother had changed it a few months earlier...     WHY???   30 c local calls?  $50 a month line rental? Where's the logic?

So, I do the phone work and get her the best deal but had no authority to implement it. Back to the brother and he completes the deal but tells every one that he sorted it...
Not that I care as it only shows him up as the dickhead he is..

Other than that... all is well.
I've been sewing more knickers and frilly skirts.  Got to keep gnawing away at that fabric pile.   They look pretty.   


One of my grand daughters wants to come live here. 
Well... she wants to get out of the situation that is happening at home.   Her step brother's girl friend is living at their home and she has priority over Miss A. 

The step brother is in jail and will be out in mid April!    He has another case pending for trafficking drugs.    He is violent,    continually wants money and belts his mother up.
The only thing that saved her last time was that Miss A's sister came home for brekkie on her way to work to find him kicking her on the floor.   She screamed and  jumped on him and eventually got him off her. 

Broken nose, black eyes etc etc.  Police called and he got charged but I don't know if the mother  would give evidence against him..   He kept telling her he'd kill  her so that's attempted murder charges in my book.

He got a month in jail!

That's not what he's in for now.
So, Miss A needs to get out of there and it will be great to have her here safe.   She wants to have the attic as her room.  Up and down the attic ladder will have her slim and fit in no time....
She was a good student but has slipped because of her home life.  I would love to get her back up on top again.

Her parents agree to her coming here. That is great.  we do not want a run away!!!


Natalie said...

When does she arrive? Couldn't be soon enough, I reckon. :)

Myst_72 said...

You're not a whinger at all, that's what friends are for anyway :)

Will be lovely for you to have your grand daughter live with you