Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Car smashed by falling tree AND once thieving brother.

I'm tired!!! 

Nasty night last night... Very little sleep.  

I have more shit to take care of for my mother.... plus take her to a new doctor to get her out of that dead beat practice she was attending.  

Caneland Medical Centre, Mackay.. In particular...
Dr? Ursula Nicholson.

My stupid brother and sister hired a chainsaw    [we have 2]    to cut up a Jacaranda tree that the SES had cut up into long logs. 

During the cyclonic winds it had fallen on my other sister's car!!!!   Fair in the middle!!!  dings every where and broken glass....

Luckily she is insured,    but...    in December she had changed from agreed value to market value...  It's a Hyundai Elantra.. { I think}.

She's in Cairns.

Anyway, back to the chainsaw thingy..   $155 to hire it for 2 days.     Mum pays for it. She has to be taken to the bank to get the money out and then..... she hides the $$$ from my thieving brother and can't remember where!!   

Poor old thing..    I arrive from 45 ks away on a whim to find her in her hot bedroom panicking about it...    Everything out of her bag on the bed,  no fan on either.  I plugged that in and went searching and calming her.    She eventually remembered putting in the waste paper bin????  

She knows that she has to hide all money from the dirty fucking unwashed arsehole!!!

He then goes off to pay it.  

In the search for the money she handed me some bank slips. she had written on them....  Kev. owes me, where she got it from and then wait for this...

An old 85 yr old lady walking along rotten grassy verges for about a kilometre and then back again to get money out for the bastard!  I would imagine that he would have walked with her to make sure she got our the amount he wanted..

The shit is going to hit the fan big time!!!

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Natalie said...

Urgh! I have a similar brother or two. Poor mum needs to stand up to the a -hole, but it is far too late by now, I fear.
Sort them out good and proper, go on!