Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do I have to do Everything???


This is how I feel!!!

Just had a phone conversation with my sister.  

My mother's ex doctor's office sent an automated letter for her to make an appt. for an Alziemher's review.  

SO... instead of her  telling the thieving fucker brother and my sister,    mother  gets on the phone and makes the appt.!!!!   

2 phone calls later...   all cancelled.

Then when I ask my sister if she had picked up the envelope from this surgery as she promised about 9 days ago....  it was... duh.  what envelope? 

Oh I forgot.       Don't tell me she's getting bloody dementia????

She works in the city,     has a lunch period where she can do it or on her way home from work at 4ish pm,     she has a gorgeous little Hyundai Getz that parks on a postage stamp,   which I would kill for.... so.... where's the hassle?

I was in Mackay yesterday for Overkill to get a chest CT scan and went right past the shopping centre where the doctors rooms  are located.  
Easy to park in the loading zone and run in   ( I use that term lightly) and pick it up!

I find out also that my sister gave the thieving fucker $40 to pay for 2 weeks Meals on Wheels last Monday.  He spent the money and it still wasn't paid this Monday...  
OH   KARMA... where are you???

AAHHH     I feel better already...   nothing like a good whinge...

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