Monday, March 8, 2010

House work never killed any one?

Near Hunstanton, UK.   Green moss covered rocks.

At Last.... 
I have vacuumed the house!!!   I had nearly finished and was a lather of sweat when I was saved by a friend's phone call.  
Did a whinge about the mongrel vacc.    It's so noisy,   it won't run along easily,   it is weak as piss and it's a Dyson.....  
Paying for the name as the rest stinks.         OK, I have to concede that it is easy to empty..

Next,   the mopping.       Here I have a fabby little microfibre cloth swivel thingy that is a joy to use.   No more buckets of water with heavy wet mops to wave about.
We have a problem this time of year with Daddy Long Leg spiders so they are all sucked up!

Miss A spent the week end with her older sister.  She said it was nice but was happy to be back here.
Peaceful,  she said.    {Peaceful can be close to boring}
Got herself a new hairstyle that looks terrific.   BUT..will it pass the inspection of the peer group?
Kids these days are so ruled by not stepping outside the square but in their minds they think they are so cool and individual.    Bloody Joke!!!!

Got news yesterday that a nephew had died in Cairns.

   He was 43.     His Mum lives in Florida and his Dad here.    Do not have any details. 

   He lived it hard and fast and was a weirdo so anything is possible to cause his death.   The father has left it up to one of the 2 other offspring to inform their mother????? 
Bit of a cop out there.   
She should have been informed before anyone else in the family. 

He has 2 children. A girl about 12 and a boy about 10 w.ho live with their Mum. I don't know if he was allowed to be in their life a lot. His ex is also a bit funny!

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Natalie said...

Life is SO strange is it not? *sigh*