Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trivia again.

Notch Point.  QLD

I have no get up and go today...   It got up and went!

Do not feel at all creative.. 

I really want to  paint.   I procrastinate because I want to paint perfect pictures!   
If I don't paint. I can't fail..... can I ?

That's it in a nutshell.

Got a call this morning from my  dopey    naive sister to tell me she has broken the news of my nephew's death to mother.   Good one!!!!     This was not supposed to be done until a day or so before the funeral.
  She said that mother was all muddled and could I talk to her.

  This was probably after  my sister tried to point out who he was in a sarcastic   gentle manner.     She can be classed as abusive!
Mum asked if she could come down and stay with us for a few days.  

"Of course you can.."   

She will get peace here plus  healthy food and served to her.    She would be OK to have if she wasn't such a chatter box.       Drives me batty.  She has never liked silences and feels she has to fill every bloody gap!!!

Overkill has to get a basal cell carcinoma removed this afternoon on his chest.  Now I would be freaking out and sick in the stomach about it all.  Not him...  he's a tough bugger.  We'll then travel into Mackay  and pick mother up.

Good news

Miss A is going to a Short Stack Concert this Sunday.

She will love that.   She went for a 5.5k walk yesterday to get fit.     The last part of the walk is up our hill that is 100 metres long but not a bad incline till you get near the house.     Then there's a little sharp slope that will test the best of them!

She had called me from the dam at the end of the road to say a big black dog came rushing at her.  I 've seen this one before and it's usually with another one.  They seem to be all bark,  luckily.  I'll have to give her the can of Baygon to carry.  The best defence against dogs and intruders!!!      One spray sorts them out pretty fast.   Probably illegal.  Who cares,  I say....

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