Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Farewell Matt...

I am such a slack A.....   
I love to read everyone else's blog but neglect to pass on any tid bits from here...   No, not tit bits!!!!
My nephew Matt had the loveliest funeral. 
Such a great send off.  
His younger brother flew in from Cincinnati , Ohio. 
We last saw him when he was over here for his honeymoon in 1994. 
He is still a darling.
You can read of him on Facebook on Tribute to Matt Petersen.
Matt's old letter jacket from the high school he went to in Wisconsin was there on a stand,  a motor cross bike out the front,   the Us flag and the Aussie flag each side of his coffin plus his helmet on the coffin. 
I  much prefer the American term,  'casket' .
Most of his rellies were there so it was catch up time.  3 of us, his sister and his cousin and I are going to organise a get together so we can all reconnect in happier circumstances. 

So... his death wasn't in vain!

On a lighter note...
Miss A is powering on.  She had her Dad stay with us over the weekend and then saw her Mum and her sisters when I took her to Mackay to see SHORTSTACK.  
No hugs.... not a lot of positive words either.
The good thing is that she can return when ever she likes.  She has no intention of returning soon and she can stay with us as long as she cares to.
School Disco tonight so big excitement all around.  We have the blue black hair dye ready and that will be done as soon as she gets home on the bus.... 
Gotta be trendy...

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Natalie said...

Awesome that Miss A. is doing well. :)

Sorry about your Matt, but so glad he had a lovely send off.