Friday, April 23, 2010

Beneath Hill 60

Brendan Cowell

We had an absolute ball on our trip to Townsville courtesy of Radio station 10.26 4MK with their brekkie announcer Hammo,  Qantas link and Aquarius Accom.   

The whole trip went smoothly.

  Only hassle we had was the delivery of the wrong colour and cut of waistcoat from the hire place.    A phone call from the Airport to them,  a quick car trip with the correct one by the lovely lady, a quick swap in the 2 minute loading area and then stuff it into the suitcase and  'all good'. 

On our way to the so,  not expensive Aquarius,   Hammo asked about our need for a hairdresser.   WHAT???? What was he implying?   No... he is just a lovely, thoughtful  man.

Yep, we had planned to get new do's.  On our way was a salon,   in the taxi pulled and YES she could do us in a few minutes.    Leanne got hers done first as she had short hair and only wanted a comb up.    She left looking beautiful and walked to the Aquarius.    No need for her to stay with me!!!   

I got a trim and comb up.  This cost me $27 more than exactly the same service at my wonderful salon in Sarina.  SARINATY with Susanna and Sarah.   

In fact EVERYTHING was more expensive than Mackay and Sarina!!! 

We are always whinging about high prices here because the hinterland is riddled with coal mines that pay high wages.  So housing and tradesmen are over the top with their prices.

I had a lovely walk to the Aquarius along the ocean front.  It is the best place. Parks,  playgrounds, water parks etc etc. 

After that it was all getting ready for the big night.
We were picked up a little too early but had time to see the beautiful people of Townsville arrive.  Then the people from the movie and then the 'stars' who were all so damn approachable and lovely.

No prima donnas among them!   We were given bubbly, wine and beer to while away the time.   I was silly and had a wine. This makes me perspire big time.  DUH!!!!!
It was very crowded in the lobby waiting to get in to the theatre and this didn't help.
My heavy make up probably ended up on tissues!

A few speeches   [not boring at all]   then on to the reason we were all there,  the movie  Beneath Hill 60.   As VIPs we had great seats.

It was loud with explosions, it was funny,  it was sad and it was thought provoking.  So many wonderful brave men and boys died for fucking nothing!!!

There was a party afterwards that I didn't know about so when a grand daughter offered to pick us up I jumped at the offer. 
Bugger.... missed out on a lot and could have had photos taken with the stars..... 

Next day we did a ferry trip to Magnetic Island. Very short but it is a lovely island, all trees and huge granite smooth rocks.  The road in some areas is so windy and right on the EDGE!!!!  White knuckles here..

Every one was/is so nice...  Mackay could learn so much from Townsville people. We got back just in time to get the taxi to the airport, get down a huge Aromas coffee and have a lovely flight home.

A wonderful trip and we so needed a break after the cyclone Ului.
Hammo was so nice and went over and above the call of duty... 

Thank you to all involved.

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Natalie said...

The last time I went to Maggie Island I was green and oh ,so hungover. I was up for the wedding of the century.( I got arrested for soliciting????)
Indeed, it was the hangover of the century. :/

So glad you had a hoot. :)