Sunday, May 2, 2010

WHAT THE ?????

A lovely cool day here.   Signs of a little more rain to come. and this saves me a lot of garden watering.  

We've been chasing cows out of other  paddocks.    That would be neighbours paddocks!!!  Through lantana with it's scratchy bark and up steep hills and gullies.  Humid weather which means sweat, sweat, sweat.      Fuckers...

They are lovely neighbours and do not mind BUT the cattle then become renegades looking for fault lines in the fences just to be pains in the bum....   It seems the grass is greener etc.

Never rains but it pours here.


A minor car accident by unlicenced  g/daughter who was at fault !!!   

Her mother let her drive her car!          Charges laid and case to be heard next week.      Don't know if mother got charged for allowing an unlicenced driver to use the car.


Father of same leaned  against a stair railing at a house after father in laws funeral and it gave way..  
Now has badly lacerated eye with triangular tear  from 12 to 2 o'clock postion and 5 minor ones.  There was a brush fence right next to stairs and this has done the damage.      What dickheads have a railing like that???   AND don't inform guests.... or put up a sign???   OR fix the bloody thing???     The place is full of wankers....



I had made an appt. for my mother to get a check up on Mon.    I  arrive to pick her up and she is a mess.  

All clean and ready but can't walk properly,  can't talk properly and upset. She was so pleased to see me  because I'm the one that helps her.        She started crying. 
I asked wanker brother who was playing on his laptop,    What was wrong?   He said Mum had been like that for about 4 days????        Can't he or my sister take her  to see the DR.?
We go to the Dr and he's stumped too.  I have to support her as she can't walk unaided.   I thought it was an OD of the heart drug Digoxin...    Dr said if there was any change for the worse... ring him immediatley.. Dr wants a brain scan and lots of blood work done.
I queried brother re her drug intake. Not that he'd know....  He thinks she's just taking one a day.  
I go check her pills and there sitting proudly in their big orange and white box is my other sister's bi-polar drug....  

TEGRETOL !!!    

YEP.. she'd been taking these..   I bring them downstairs and throw them at my brother.

So much for my brother who is being paid by the gov. to be her carer,   not checking on her pill taking as he is supposed to.     I phone the Dr but he is with a patient. So he phones back but in the meantime I  went to the Dr's practice to tell them there that I think she's taken Tegretol.   Dr sees me and says to come into his corner.   He tells me it will take 5 or more days to wear off.

When I get home to Mum's,    she's been vomiting so I phone Dr and he says to take her to emergency at the Base Hosp.    They do all the blood work there and a brain scan too.     All clear and healthy but with a fairly high Tegretol level...    They didn't tell me this.    Said it was all fine and that it was a fast forward of the Alzeimers!! 
  I had an appt to return to Dr's next day with her.     He had phoned to see how we got on around 9 am.  I  tell him that the hosp.  said the blood was fine and no toxicity and that I did not believe them..   

He said he'd phone them which he did and then they tell him that there were higher levels of Tegretol!!!!      

Jesus  wept...

My sister, 62 and my brother 49 says that all Mum will eat is bread and syrup. A bit of cereal too.   I looked in the fridge and there was no food!!!  All she had to eat  was frigging bread and then only 4 slices left!   My sister works 2 blocks at the most from Coles supermarket !!!!  My brother eats Mum's food when she does have some!!

I bring Mum home with me for a few days to look after her and from the first night she eats like a truckie!!!
WHY???   Because I cook it and dish it up and serve it to her at the table.   What is so hard about that?

THEN...   they both want to put her in a home!     She is fine.   Showers, changes into clean clothes, not incontinent etc etc.      They are just lazy bludging   a/holes. 

These are the pair that live in Mum's home and pay no board and very little if any of the utilities.


Natalie said...

Get rid of them. Assholes.
Poor little mum. :(

Myst_72 said...

That's terrible.
Shame on them for not looking after your Mum properly.
They want to be careful, carers payments have been stopped for less!!

I hope she is ok now,