Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Here we are back again.

Still got the old virus thing happening and it's a frikken pain in the butt   it can go on for years.

That is so NOT happening with me!!!

Lots of liniments, foot baths and pills do a lot of good.

All is good on our home front. 

Still not good at Mothers.  

Got to go in to Mackay tomorrow to check a few things out and do a little business.

  I'm still not able to drive yet due to weak and sore hands. 

  Hey.... that also means vaccuming is out.      As is sweeping and any other heavy lifting.      I can do washing and pegging so that's a help.

AND... the biggest suprise of all is how great Overkill has been. 
He has been bloody marvelous to me  and fed me and really looked after me.  For that I am so grateful. 

I was too sick for 4 weeks to even go into hospital.  The noise, the lights, the beds, the toilets, etc etc
Our little Miss A is still with us. She has a boyfriend 2 years older and his family is great to her as she is to them.  She did really well for tests with heaps of A's. 

Not that her mother is at all interested.

She just yells and swears on the phone to Miss A and has hung up on her when she couldn't get a win!!!   Not that she phones often.  

Miss A phones home only to be abused. 

She ain't doin' it no way.

Miss A also has a casual after school job of around 8 hours a week..

AND she saves!!!


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Myst_72 said...

I'm pleased to see you back here :)
Do take care, I am assuming ross river is a lot like EBV in it's effects...
Sounds like Miss A is in the very best place...with you ♥

Keep taking care!