Thursday, July 15, 2010

Every one has slowed down?????

Is it just my perception but it appears that lots of my favourite bloggers have slowed down.

Not too many keeping up with it and that includes me..     I have an excuse as does a couple of lovely friends.   I miss the regular happenings in your lives.   i know sometimes it seems like it all  BLAH   to you but it keeps the rest of us informed   and in the loop.  

I am still in the sore zone.  I'm heading up to Townsville tomorrow by car. I will have to drive 45 ks to get to where my sister will drive the rest.  This will be interesting even tho my car is automatic etc I'm wondering if I'll suffer as a result?   
   I am planning on just enjoying the scenery and junk food. NO WAY will i be cooking unless it is to grill a nice fat free steak of medium size!!!!

Beaut weather here. Cooler and lovely crisp clear days.  Perfect tourist weather.

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