Saturday, August 28, 2010

Return of the Blogger!!!

I haven't posted for a long while. Probably because I've felt pretty damn negative and that's not a good thing.
Not for me. Not for you.

I'm still pretty sore from the Ross River Virus but make the most of it when I have a little less pain in my arms and hands.   Make hay while the sun shines.....

Miss A  [grand daughter]  is now very low in iron,  has had glandular fever and suffers with tonsillitis.
Getting a referral to see an Ear, Nose and Throat guy.   Glandular Fever showed up in her blood tests.  Apparently she had had it sometime before.

 So.....  I in my wisdom gave her 2 weeks off from school and trying to build her up with lamb's fry and leafy veges.  She also has iron tabs.  Asked for lessons to be prepared at school and arranged for a Dr's certificate to be faxed to them.       All good.

Today my bamboo teepee like pyramid structure was finished!!!!!!   You don't want to rush these jobs! 
So, I sat under it, hoping a side was facing true north.   I felt really great.....  I meditated with several interuptions, but I felt calm and went  deep in no time.   Can't wait to hit it again tomorrow.  
I'm asking for healing.
I'm very grateful...

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