Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sewing Squares of Fabric together!!!

          A private area near Williamstown ?  Victoria
the moorings are passed down in the families. you can't buy one.

Got some MoJo back and have begun sewing squares of knitted fabric in strips to make a rug.. 
Now, whether this ends up looking like I imagine it will is another thing!!!   

  A lovely friend, Lyn cut the squares for me.    How good is that???  So, I owe it to her to get it done.   She very kindly sewed 2  small cot blanket covers for me when I was out of action.   I thought the kids would be going to school before I could do it so she  jumped in and  did it when I shyly asked her.   Thank you, Lyn.

Miss A has gone back to her home town while she has 2 weeks sick leave from school.     She so misses her Dad. 
I think she will be returning there for the next term but not to live at home but at her friends who have 4 kiddies.
They live very close so she'll be able to escape the criminal half- brother  when he's violent.
She has excelled at school considering she tries to get out of going at every chance.  And she loves getting A's now and realises it's OK. Not to bow to peer pressure to  dumb down just because the others find it hard to do the work or are too lazy.

It's a school full of ferals and bullies and most of the staff are useless.  Girls of 14 think nothing of having sex with "random' guys, maybe more than 1 over the night!!!
[Not Miss A. ] 
Holy Shit!!!!! Where is it all going to end???
The acting Principal is great and supportive.   

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Myst_72 said...

Glad you are feeling a little better.

Sounds like the town where I went to school, sex at 14 was nothing sadly....and this was over 20 years ago....