Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Father's Day !!!!

  A view of West Hill is from Notch Point Inlet,  Qld

My main man picked about 2 litres of Mulberries so I made jam..   

If it doesn't set it will be topping!!!!
gotta compromise and don't be too discerning.

Lovely rain here.  Every time the mock orange blooms it will rain..  

It is a certainty. 
A much more accurate sign than ants or the  black cockatoos coming.    I just  love "signs". 
I only wish I was gifted with some form of clairvoyancy etc etc.   I'd then  be able to find out if the thieving brother has  Dad's sapphires and where they are,   and where is Mum's will.    

I don't know of any readers/clairvoyants  here that could help me.   
  [  I know there are all different names for the different gifts that people have so I may be using the wrong terms.]  

My hands had a lovely soak in a hottish  basin with  fresh Mother Wort in it  and then more hot water and my feet as I sat under my bamboo pyramid to help cleanse and centre me.  I feel refreshed and it does help.

Two days ago I moved to a different plane... somehow.     

  It is like a shift of dimensions or the start of a bloody brain tumor!!!!!!     

Just a little hic up.      I'm having trouble keeping a calm mind.  

I'm even worrying about a complaint letter I want to write to Telstra and then the ACCC about their incorrect billing.   It's simple.  I have the bills, I  have the ability.  It's a simple thing to do...   

So... what the  ef is the problem?



Natalie said...


Natalie said...

I am seeing a free standing cupboard or wardrobe. I see a pile of papers shoved in there, i have the feeling the will is in that pile. Also, the sapphires feel like they are in a black box or tin.....maybe like an old petty cash box or similar. Brother has a chip on his shoulder.