Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh Well.. there's always next year!

Where we live we can not get TV reception so for anything important we go to friends over the next valley to watch it on their telly.      Today was AFL Grand Final. It was great to sit in these huge recliner lounges and watch it on a large screen TV.             

  The team I like just did not have the winning spirit today. A bunch of sooks who played in front of the opposition's goal posts when ever they could!  Why, I ask?   Isn't the object of the game to get the ball to YOUR goal posts and get it through the 2 big ones in the middle????   Bloody hopeless lot..

Then called in on the way home to see friends who live 3 hours away at Dysart, a coal mining town. He has a fair amount of land near us.    They are newly engaged!!!   A most beautiful ring.   So now, a lovely present for them. He's 45 and she's about the same. He's Aussie and she is Thai but been in Australia about 12 yrs. We wish them well.

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