Friday, October 1, 2010

Time on my Hands...

Just a nice calm day...      
   Miss A celebrated her birthday with a doctor's visit and lunch here yesterday and then traveled to where she will live with her friends.      I am so confident that her friends have her best interests at heart and will watch out for her.      A family of Mum, Dad and four littlies.      

Also, with Miss a being there to help and be company the Dad may want to return to working on the coal mines to make much more money so they can buy their dream of acres of land.     I am kinda excited for them all.   It is 2 hours by road from here so I may be able to sneak up to see her!!!!   I love her Dad but her  mother is ?????

We got 83 mls of fierce rain in a storm.   Well, that's great I hear you say and it is.. The problem is that the driveway which  is 100 ms  up a reasonable sloped hill got dozed 2 hours before!    
Now, we have ruts and stones in abundance...   We'll just have to wait till it's dried out a little and redo it all.   No problem.

I am flying to Melbourne late October to see family.    I decided to take a 13 yr old g/son who has not flown or seen the Big Smoke yet.    He is rapt.    
He is the youngest of the 3 children that their "mother"  abandoned without notice when he was 2.    Their father [my son] has done it all for them and they have grown up pretty damn good.  

Now I have to find out if Melb. has a Melb. Explorer like Sydney or some system that you hop on and off a bus  where you please.   If not it's just a matter of buying a full day ticket to use  transport.         THEN... it's pump myself full of painkillers to let me do all this touristy stuff !!!

  Next trip I want to do again is fly Melbourne then to Alice Springs and stay a couple of days and then back.     The best view from a plane in Australia I've seen is from Melbourne to Alice.    Lake Eyre,  lots of Ranges, A huge mine.  geometric patterns of the fields and the wonderful Melb. smog that starts at Mildura!!!

We returned Friday from a week in Cairns, FNQ.   Fabulous.   It was warmer than here  but we could live with that.  Went up the Kuranda Range on the Kuranda Train that will have you shaking in your seats if you are lucky enough to have a window seat. Through 16 ? tunnels and across a cliff face of solid rock.
Then we wandered around Kuranda which I recommend but not with a bloody male!!!  Miss A  went into the snakes and spiders place and got photos of holding a blue tongue lizard and a huge Olive Python. She will always stretch her boundaries. What a girl!  She also did the bloody holding a Koala photo thing. Do not agree with that shit becasue they are NOCTURNAL...  It's all about the $$$$

Then home on the Skyrail..   

This is really where you needs nerves of steel.   Ski lift type enclosed gondolas suspended way up over the rain forest and you have to travel about 4 or more ks on this to get home!!!  No chance of getting off and getting home a different way....  $244.00 for 2 adults and child 14.   Well worth it. 

I did ALL the driving.   That way there is no excuse to stop and look at stuff. Men like to drive from A to B and can't pull in anywhere 'cause "There's a car up my bum".  I could bloody well put a car up there a lot of times!!!

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Natalie said...

Sounds awesome! I loved Cairns/Kuranda, I went for my first Honeymoon. :)