Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Day Awaits

                                             A little shop in France..

Wow.. have I had a fun time.

I got a huge, huge allergic reaction to ?????? and spent Monday night in fucking itching frenzy and agony. swollen lips, nose and chin. I looked like a witch...   I felt like one too.

Murphy's Law dictates that if it's going to happen it will happen when shops are CLOSED, Doctors ks away and raining like hell.  OK OK no rain!

Got in to see my fabulous Doctor yesterday  at close to 11am.  A prescription for steroids  and  anti histamines. After one lot I am right as rain again.  Not taking any more  steroids unless it comes back.

I had had a glass of Riccadonna Asti and thought it may have been the cause.  I'm not much of a drinker and it's been a while since I'd had some. 
A year maybe...    Soooo... last night I thought I had to bite the bullet and see if it was that.      After all I had the medication now, didn't I?  I could run the risk.

The good news is... no reaction..

I think it was sent to show me that the Ross River Virus is NOT so bad now... 

In other words  ................       get over yourself.

Now I have a pot of Mulberry Jam bubbling away...again !     Then I'm off to the sewing room to alter some tops for me.    Cut off the long sleeves for summer wearing.   Starting to gear up for our trip to Cairns.
It's going to be HOT!!!!  
  Not my favourite temperature.

 I've come across a fabulous sewing blog.. There are heaps of them but this  girl is so productive... love her. 
I shall link to her because she inspires me. 

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