Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boredom and what to do with all my Fabric?

The dried ginger ready for grinding.

After doing some ritualistic burning outside on a bare patch of ground, adding dried Mugwort for the cleansing and lovely smell,  I went to my sewing room.       Well,  I sat and I looked around,  took out some fabric and admired it because that's what I do to  fill in time.   I did a little dreaming about what garments to make out of this and that. 

Then, as nearly always, I start the yawning.

This is a sign that I have no real interest in what I'm doing.   I get it folding clothes. I get it while looking in my wardrobe for what to wear,   in the sewing room and also talking to certain people on the phone.  So... I'm thinking that I may have to bring a sewing machine upstairs and work in the lounge area.   Something to break the non-productive cycle.    I will have to live to be a 100 if  I want to sew all this fabric I have!  

I used to live near Wanagaratta, Victoria where Bruck Fabric Mills are situated. We could buy fabric @ 40c a metre!  Later it got to 60c and then to $1.  This was good quality curtaining, sheeting, dress materials and drill siutable for men;s work wear.   I would travel to Wang at least once every three weeks to indulge, and indulge I did.  

Over the years I have supplied and made curtains, pillowslips, clothes etc etc and I still have a fair amount left.  I sewed 21 pillowslips for my mother one afternoon!    It has saved us the expense of buying new curtains over the years as we renovated homes and resold. 

Once we were at Lee Jeans at Wodonga, Victoria, looking through their remnant basket and I bought  denim for $2 a metre.

  I thought, wow, I should have got more of that.  The Man offered to go back and get it.  He came out with heaps as they just cut it off a whole new roll.  Not a remnant as the first lot  and still at $2 a metre. I did suggest for him to go back again but the worried  look on his face made me  stop pushing that idea!

The Man used to laugh at me every time I came home grinning with arm loads  of fabric wrapped in brown paper from Brucks .

I think I may have been a little addicted. 

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