Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hi Ho Ginger!!

A friend gave me some organic, homegrown ginger rhizomes to process.  Last time I crystalised them and they were yummy. We ate some as sweets and some went into cakes.
                                                     For this lot,    it's out into the sun to dry.
Freshly washed and dried.

All peeled ready for the knife!
Ready for their dose of Vitamin D.

Another day in the sun tomorrow and a top up in the oven should do it.  I thought I might grind some for powdered ginger and leave the rest to reconstitute when needed.    I've set aside some 'eyes' for planting.
Gardening Blogs 

I read some terrific gardening blogs today, mostly all based in the UK.  All neat and tidy with vegetables that grow just like on the packet and in the gardening books!
I felt so envious.
No whopping great grasshoppers, no humungous weeds that pop up over night!  Nothing appeared to have a bug hole in it.  It gave me inspiration to go out into the garden tomorrow and plant.  
I have  non- hybrid seeds from Eden Seeds but myself and two others had VERY little succes,  even getting them to strike.

  I'll try another company.  They weren't well priced either at $4 a pkt plus postage.

One blogger [amongst many other hats] is going to publish a book on 'How to Grow Potatoes'.
I think it will find it's way into my bookcase.

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